About us

About us


About our national portal to Lithuanian Higher Education www.studyinlithuania.lt

StudyInLithuania.lt is a non-commercial national portal for Higher Education studies in Lithuania, which is administrated by Education Exchange Support Foundation. The aim of this website is to inform future students, their parents and other stakeholders about education system in Lithuania, our Higher Education institutions and their study programmes, migration procedures, admission requirements and more.
This website also has a section about Lithuania as a country, presenting our history, social environment, famous people and traditions.

About the project

StudyInLithuania.lt is a part of project „Internationalization of Higher Education in Lithuania“ which was initiated by Ministry of Education and Science, and is funded by European Social Fund and Government of Lithuania. This project has two main parts:

  • Scholarships for Lithuanian students and scientists to enable them to study and conduct research abroad;
  • Strengthening of Lithuanian Higher Education image and positioning in international environment. As a part of this aim, this website, „Study in Lithuania” brand concept, various promotional material (among which a video clip presenting our Higher Education in Russian and English languages) were created. A study of 5 countries was conducted in order to research the best practices of presenting Higher Education to foreigners and a strategic guide to branding of Lithuanian Higher Education was created. This project also encouraged various Lithuanian institutions, student bodies and Lithuanian communities all around the world to cooperate in order to present our Higher Education to the world.

About Education Exchange Support Foundation

Education Exchanges Support Foundation is a Lithuanian national agency responsible for implementing EU Lifelong Learning Programme. The agency was founded in 2007 and is aimed at helping Lithuanian people to take advantage of international cooperation. The Foundation offers guidance to potential applicants and provides information about various programmes and activities in the education and training area. For more information, see here.


Texts found on this website are made with cooperation of Lithuanian Government official website of Lithuania www.Lithuania.lt, Ministry of Education and Science www.smm.lt, Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education www.skvc.lt and the Tourism Department www.tourism.lt.

Information in sections Study Programmes and Institutions is administrated by corresponding Higher Education Institutions. The administrators of this website are not responsible for the accuracy of this information, and any enquiries should be directed to corresponding institutions directly.

Photography and video material, publicized on this website, is owned by project administrator and can not be used without a written consent. Some images are taken from open databases and is done so intentionally, authors of these images are indicated, where it was required.

Contact us

For comments, opinions and advices, please contact us at info@studyinlithuania.lt.