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Theater and music


It is not surprising that most of the professional theatres are situated in Vilnius, but you can find many different and high-standard productions in other cities in Lithuania. Almost all Lithuanian theatres organise tours, so they have fans from all over the world! 

Eimuntas Nekrošius is always welcome on theatre and opera stages in Italy; Rimas Tuminas is very popular in northern Europe and Russia, and it is impossible to imagine the Arts festivals of Avignon and Edinburgh without the performances of Oskaras Koršunovas. Modern Lithuanian Dance Theatres are equally popular.

Famous opera houses and concert halls around the world have been filled with the voice of opera star Violeta Urmana and Mūza Rubackytė has delighted her many fans from around the world with her piano melodies. Many talented performers from Lithuania are taking top honours at international contests, performing not only the most beautiful works of classical music, but also the music of Lithuanian composers. Photo: D. Metvejevas (O. Koršunov play "King Oidip").

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