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Temporary residence permit


Temporary Residence Permit

TRP is a document that grants an alien the right to temporary reside in the Republic of Lithuania for a period specified in the permit. The alien has the right to choose his/her place of residence in the Republic of Lithuania, change it, depart from and return to the Republic of Lithuania during the period of validity of the residence permit and you will also receive a national identification code. The alien must give a notice of a change of his/ place of his/her residence to a Migration Service of a public police division at a Migration Service and should not forget that a person must declare his/her departure when leaving from the Republic of Lithuania for a period exceeding six months.

A temporary residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania is issued to an alien who is a citizen of a non-EU Member State. It is usually issued for a period of one year, though it may also be issued for a shorter period. In respect to the persons of the Lithuanian descent and the aliens who have retained the right to citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania, the temporary residence permit is issued for a period of five years.

In order to obtain the Temporary residence permit, student should provide these documents:

  1. an application of the specified from to issue/replace temporary residence permit, which you can find here;
  2. a valid travel document (passport);
  3. valid Schengen visa or national visa unless a visa-free regime applies, when applying for the TRP while already in Lithuania;
  4. temporary residence permit, when it is being replaced;
  5. one recent photo (40 x 60 mm);
  6. documents confirming the ground for issuance or replacement of temporary residence permit:
  7. documents confirming that the alien has been admitted to study in a higher education institution under a study curriculum (curricula) or admitted to doctoral studies;
  8. a letter of mediation of this establishment;
  9. both or one parent’s letter of consent for life (study) in the Republic of Lithuania, in case the applicant is a minor.
  10. a document confirming that a person has enough funds and (or) receives regular income in order to survive in Lithuania;
  11. document about a place of residence in Lithuania;
  12. a document confirming that a person has health insurance (this document can be provided when applying for execution of temporary residence permit).

At the moment the application for the first TRP is processed in 4 months, so if you do not have that much time left before the beginning of your studies, apply for the national visa and apply for the TRP when you arrive to Lithuania.

More information regarding the temporary residence permit here.

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