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Tuition Fees


“Knowledge is priceless; however, studies have to be paid for”.

At Higher Education institutions in Lithuania, tuition fees differ from institution to institution, depending on level of studies and study programme chosen by the student. Educational institutions announce their tuition fees annually.

On average, the cost of studies at higher education institutions is approximately between 1.000 – 5.300 EUR per year for Bachelor studies, from 2.200 to 6.500 EUR per year – for Master studies and from 7.100 to 8.500 EUR per year -for postgraduate studies. This fee structure applies to you if you are a Lithuanian or EU citizen.

If you come from other countries different tuition fees may apply. You can find more detailed information on tuition fees in the section: Study programmes.

Students at higher education institutions in Lithuania may be awarded a state scholarship and may also participate in international exchange programmes (e.g. Erasmus). Those who participate in students’ exchange programmes do not have to pay any extra tuition fees for the exchange programme. Find out more in the section: Scholarships.

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