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ISM University of Management and Economics (ISM) is a Norwegian-capital University based in Lithuania and is one of the TOP 200 business schools in the world and highest ranking university in Lithuania, Eastern and Central Europe.

ISM has a number of international double degree programmes given in English. During top quality studies at ISM students have opportunities to experience life and studies at several out of 100 partner institutions in 43 countries all over the globe.

Being open to the best global experience has been important for ISM ever since it was founded. ISM was the first in Lithuania to introduce the Western tradition of business studies. Today the university not only draws on this knowledge, it also supplies the international community with information about the dynamic business environment of the Baltic States.

  • All levels of studies: bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and executive education.

  • ISM students have an opportunity to get a double degree we are offering in partnership with TOP universities in Norway, France (you will be paying the same Lithuanian price here too!), also in USA, Belgium and the Netherlands.

  • Exchange  programmes in 43 countries.

  • International accreditations and rankings (CEEMAN IQA, EdUniversal, ECTS).

  • Modern teaching and active learning methods.

  • State-of-the-art learning and teaching facilities.

  • Over 2000 students.

  • Campus in Vilnius.

  • All lectures are held in English.

  • An International environment – lecturers and peer students from around the world.

  • Scholarships to international students.

  • Do you plan to actually work in your study field? High quality of ISM studies is valued by both students and employers resulting in 99% of alumni getting jobs that match their educational background. We also have ISM career centre which helps students to find jobs that they qualified for. All this results in our students earning twice more when compared with other universities.Is it important to get concentrated knowledge, based on real work cases? We apply active teaching methods to ensure best student preparation for the labor market: case studies, group assignments, simulations, teamwork.Can you imagine an university where students are valued above all? Student success and exceptional learning experience is the main goal we all are working for in ISM, taking care that every student feels welcome and valued, surrounded by wonderful spirit of university culture and environment (we are settled in the heart of Vilnius old town!).

ISM quality is guaranteed by BI Norwegian Business School, Innovation Norway and a number of international accreditations and rankings. 


You can find video clips abour ISM University of Management and Economics HERE.

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