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Study in LT is coming to Education Fair in Georgia with quite a few surprises 2018-02-19


On 23-24 of February, "Study in LT" team will take part in an International Education Fair Georgia to present study and research opportunities in Lithuania to Georgians.

Modern academic environment, EU-wide recognized diplomas, friendly and welcoming society – Lithuania has quite a lot to offer.

"Study in LT" will also invite visitors of the fair to experience and discover the endless possibilities in a Virtual Reality tour inside Lithuanian universities. 


Meet Lithuanian universities and colleges

Prospective Georgian students are invited to attend the fair to obtain information from representatives of top Lithuanian higher education institutions about the benefits of studying abroad and get advice on how to plan your education and future (they will provide you with comprehensive information about living and studying in Lithuania, application process, tips for financing studies, etc.)

Visitors of the fair will also have a chance to engage with alumni who will share their life-changing experiences of studying in Lithuania that will help guide you to making the right choice.


Scholarship opportunities for Georgian students

During the fair you will also learn about Lithuanian state funded scholarships dedicated to Georgians:


Study in LT 360 ° experience

Take a 360° look inside Lithuanian universities and open up a world of opportunity for yourself.

You will learn about Lithuanian lifestyle and culture, about study environment, which includes state-of-the-art scientific valleys, arts incubators and other facilities, and - of course! - you will immerse yourself into amazing student life.

Start your adventurous "Study in LT" experience in Virtual Reality!


What students from Georgia say about Lithuania

“When my friends ask me which European country to visit, I always recommend Lithuania. Because everyone here is welcoming and friendly towards Georgians. You won’t find such friendly nation anywhere in the world. Georgians feel the same about Lithuanians. When I meet foreigners in Georgia, I always ask where are they from and I’m always excited to meet Lithuanian”, Revaz Ramishvili


“Our countries are old friends and I want this friendship to continue go stronger. Lithuania is a part of European Union, your country went a long and hard road to success, there’s a lot to learn from your success story – things I could adapt in my own country. I love your country, I love your language and – most of all – I love Lithuanian people. Although we are different, but we are close – I felt that from the first day in Lithuania”, Jeko Damatsalashvili


“I studied at Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas. Teachers and lecturers were very warm and kind and it helped a lot. I also fell in love with Kaunas, which is lovely, small and quite city, different from Tbilisi, where is a lot of noise and everyone is in a hurry”, Tamta Ramishvili


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